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Welcome to Art of the Eastern Frontier and Early America. I hope you enjoy my wide variety of 18th century eastern frontier and early American genres. I have been interested in the early history of the area since I was a boy roaming the woodlands here in western New York State. The region is steep in history with the old Seneca council grounds about six miles from my house. I grew up on stories of The Sullivan Clinton Campaign that came right through this area. This led to my interest in painting historic themes and the simple material culture of the people and the period.

I retired in 2009 from teaching advanced drawing and painting classes, and now devote my time to painting and researching new themes for upcoming series. I am also a member of the reenactment unit, The Niagara Indian Department. It is through historic trekking and various historic events that I gain knowledge and inspiration for my work. My wife Janet and I travel and I take photos of historic sites, landscapes, lakes, and buildings in which to use as settings for future paintings.

I have been involved in art shows and various galleries since the 1980’s and have my artwork collected throughout the country and Europe. Many of my clients send me photos for paintings and I work with them directly on personal commissions.

I have been married to Janet for almost 30 years and we have 2 children. Andrew is a critical care paramedic, and Jayni is a teacher. We live in the small village of Leicester established in 1803. Our home and property includes woodlands, which border Little Beard’s Creek. He was the Seneca war chief during the Revolutionary War period here on the turbulent frontier of western New York. Ideas for paintings are all around me.

It is from this land and it’s history that I draw my ideas and inspirations for my paintings. Both the frontier and the Americana themes have fascinated me for as long I can remember. I hope you enjoy my work. Feel free to call or email me anytime.

Dave Hasler / CLA Artist ( www.longrifle.ws )

Eastern Frontier and Americana Artist

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